Welcome to Eurofar

Specialist in design, production
and logistics of sustainable garden furniture

Welcome to Eurofar

Specialist in design, production
and logistics of garden furniture.

Certified quality, environment and safety control for a socially responsible product

It is important to us that our products are being produced under the right and fair conditions. Every day, thousands of our employees in the factories are producing according the international standards. Besides, we fully focus us on environmental friendly production by using recycable materials.

Innovative production process from high-quality materials to sustainable garden furniture

The production of Eurofar takes place entirely in Asia. Every day, no less than 7,000 employees work hard to create products that excel in quality, sense of style and detail. Our quality controllers closely follow every step of the production process to ensure an excellent end product. After the final inspection, the furniture is transported in containers to customers all over the world.

30.000 m2 distribution center for deliveries from stock

We are not only partners in the production process, but we can also facilitate the distribution and logistics of the products. We are specialised in the storage – and B2B B2C transport of garden furniture. Besides of wholesale, we can also offer dropshipment solutions to the end consumer.

Our collection

Specialist in design, production and logistics of sustainable garden furniture

Complete solution for the retailer. From customised designer furniture from our certified factories in Vietnam, to the consumer’s front door.


We take pride in managing all the phases from product design to production and delivery of the end product ourselves.


Our trendwatchers are always up yo date on the most important trends and developments. The design team continuously translates this into new sustainable products


Our enormous passion for craftsmanship ensures that the products produced in our factories are made from honest and sustainable materials. This is where modern machines and craftsmanship meet.


Satisfied customers, by delivering on what we promise! Our supply chain department ensures optimal planning of production capacity and the remainder of the logistics chain.


No inventory risk by ordering from our attractive stock range. Orders can be forwarded to us via EDI, XML or through the B2B order portal.


With our 30,000 m2 warehouse, equipped specifically for the storage of garden furniture, we are able to take the entire logistics process off your hands.

Working for Eurofar International BV

Eurofar is an ambitious, fast-growing organisation with many young and enthusiastic employees. The passion, drive and hands-on mentality with which we began in 1992 is still the beating heart of the company. We offer an informal corporate culture, close working relationships and a dynamic work environment where there is ample room for professional development. We are hard-working, flexible, not afraid to take risks and enjoy challenging ourselves as well as our colleagues.


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