Here you can find all the information about the required maintenance.



Given that you maintain your garden furniture well, this purchase will be one you can enjoy for many years to come. In order to guarantee its quality, we advise you to remove any (rain) water from the furniture with a dry cloth.

It is best to clean wicker products with lukewarm water, using a soft brush and a sponge or cloth. We advise against using aggressive cleaning agents. This can damage the structure and composition of the synthetic material. Only use products that are specifically intended for wicker.



Provided the furniture is well maintained, it will give you pleasure for many years to come.  Wood is a natural product and can expand or shrink as a result of changes in temperature. Over time, this can result in the formation of small cracks, a completely natural occurrence. We recommend tightening the screws occasionally.

Our furniture is finished with a strong layer of paint and topped with a durable coating. This coating may incur damage as a result of weather conditions. We advise you to sand down the top layer annually and apply a fresh layer of transparent PU coating. This ensures the preservation of the furniture’s authentic colour.

It is advisable to store your garden furniture in a dry and unheated space during the winter season.



Properly maintained furniture can be enjoyed for a great many years. Teak is a natural product, and may expand or shrink with changing temperatures. This may result in the formation of small cracks over time. We recommend tightening the screws every now and again.

Teak is a low-maintenance and durable wood. A few simple measures are all that is needed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and mould. Ideally, we recommend that you clean your garden furniture on a warm day, as the wood will dry better and more quickly.

To remove stains, use fine quality sandpaper to gently abrade the surface of the wood. Make sure to sand along with the direction of the grain in the wood. Do not use excessive force. Rinse the garden furniture with a garden hose. Dab the teak wood dry with a cloth and let it dry in the sun.

It is strongly recommended that you store the furniture in a dry, unheated space during winter.



This furniture is made of hand-woven polyester rope. If you maintain your furniture well, you will enjoy it for years to come. The rope / braided outdoor furniture may retain small amounts of dirt or dust. To remove it, use a damp cloth or rinse with a garden hose. If the stain is deep or the dirt remains stuck, wet the surface with a mixture of mild soap and water and brush off with a soft brush. Then rinse and let it dry naturally outside. Do not use pressure washers or chemicals to clean the furniture.

We strongly recommend that you store the furniture in a dry, unheated space during winter.



This polystone table is a strong and durable product. Polystone is an organic material consisting of cement, silica sand, water, stone grit reinforced with polyester glue and polyfoam. Once the cement hardens it acquires a rough, unpolished look and a unique multi-toned colour.

Polystone is an organic material that is affected by light and daily use. This may lead to variations in the structure and the surface of the table. In places, there may be small holes on the surface and on the edges of the table. As a result, no two tables are ever 100% identical. These special characteristics do not affect the lifespan, quality or durability of this piece of furniture. Regular maintenance will ensure that this product gives you many years of pleasure. Polystone has an open pore structure, this makes the table sensitive to grease, liquids, etcetera. For this reason, it is important to clean the table top immediately after contamination with greasy liquids. We advise you to use water and a mild soap to remove any light stains, rinsing afterwards. Then remove the remainder with a dry cloth.

To protect against staining, we recommend applying cement sealer 2-3 times a year. Deeper lying dirt particles, small cracks or slits can be removed with fine-grained sandpaper. After using sandpaper, the surface must be treated with a cement protection agent. Limescale can be controlled in the same way.

We recommend storing your garden furniture in a dry and unheated space during the winter season.



For optimal maintenance of aluminium, we recommend cleaning the product with water and a mild soap every now and again, rinsing with water afterwards. Remove the remaining water with a dry cloth. You should check your aluminium furniture regularly for scratches. Should you discover any scratches, these can be re-touched with paint in the same colour. We recommend storing your garden furniture in a dry and unheated space during the winter season.


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